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Training Schedules

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Program & Fees

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Informationen about the methods of Pilates, GYROTONIC® und GYROKINESIS®

Welcome to Pilates Studio Alsterdorf!

With a strong and moving back and free and loose shoulders, nothing can throw you off track. But how to get there, with everyday with family and work madness, stress or imbalance. Or illness or injury-related tension and pain lead to movement disabilities. PILATES, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® are effective and beneficial holistic training concepts, which lead to a relaxed and powerful body. The basis of both methods is consciously used breathing. It provides an access to a connection of body, mind and soul and strengthens the awareness of the smart use of your own body. To combine experience of exercise from the training sessions in everyday life, is an exciting but necessary process. I’m happy to guide you on this journey. Have a look around and contact me. Perhaps I may welcome you soon at Pilates Studio Alsterdorf  and I’m looking forward meeting you! Yours


The Pilates Studio Alsterdorf  in Hamburg is privately owned. I work in small groups (2-4 people) and offer private lessons. PILATES, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® are all the more effective the more precisely the exercises are tailored to the personal health of practitioners and to me it is important to give you my whole attention. The studio is located in a medical center for integrated health, which specializes in pain treatments. Since the summer of 2007 I cooperate with the owner, Dr. Naomie Cayemitte-Rückner, and the multi-week program IVR (integrated care for back pain). My training program offers a useful addition to the medical and psychological care and allows me to gain valuable experience that will enrich my daily studio work and my personal and professional development.

Please find additional information about the studio equipment and training methods here::

Methods & Equipment

Studio Schedules

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  10h-11h 10h-11h 10h-11h    
   11-12h 11h-12h     11h-12h
  18h-19h 18-19h   18h-19h  
19h-20h 19h-20h 19-20h  19h-20h 19h-20h  
20h-21h 20h-21h        

* = on request

The Studio training is offered at the times listed above. Dates for this can be booked through the online booking system:



Program & Fees


  • Training in small groups (max. 4 Pers.)
  • Training session on 6 Days/Week
  • Individual assistance
  • Entry possible at any time
  • Contracts for 3, 6, or 12 months
  • Training at the original Pilates equipment and on the mat
  • Appointment booking through convenient online booking system
  • Trial session 15 €
Agreement 1x Week* 2x Week*
12 Mon. 72 € 130 €
6 Mon. 80 € 145 €
3 Mon. 88 € 160 €

* Amount monthly.


  • Single or Partner-Traning
  • Individual appointments on 6 Days/Week possible
  • Intensive individual or partner support
  • Entry possible at any time
  • Discounted rates by purchasing an 10er-card
  • Training at the original Pilates equipment and on the mat
  • GYROKINESIS® Training
  • GYROTONIC® Training on Pulley-Tower
  • Trial session 65 €
  • Single session 80 €, für Studio-Training participants : 70 €
Single* Duo*
10er Card* 700 € 730 €

* Expiration after 4 Monate.

Pilates Hamburg Alsterdorf – Bettina Preuschoff